Following a complete Home Energy Solutions energy assessment, homeowners are eligible for rebates on measures that increase the home’s energy efficiency.

can i buy gabapentin online Eligible upgrades include:

Hampton Park Energy efficient windows

Insulation upgrades


Energy Star appliances, including:

  • refrigerators
  • clothes washers
  • freezers
  • dehumidifiers


Energy efficient water heaters, including:

  • tankless
  • heat pump
  • stand alone condensing


Energy efficient heating and cooling systems, including:

  • boilers and furnaces
  • heat pumps, including ductless
  • geothermal



Efficiency upgrades must be completed and paid for by the homeowner within 120 days of the HES energy assessment. Following completion, rebate requests can be processed. Rebates are then sent to the homeowner. The HES lead technician will explain all rebates including application procedures at the time of visit.

Window rebates

  • Use a licensed and insured window installer.
  • Keep contract and invoice for your window project – you will need a copy to send with your rebate application.
  • Copy your windows’ efficiency rating stickers. Keep a copy for your records.
  • Make a copy of your completed rebate form.
  • Send your completed rebate form, a copy of the paid invoice, the original window efficiency stickers and a copy of your most recent electricity bill to the EFI address listed on the rebate form.

Please note: Window rebates are limited to replacements of single pane windows with no working storm windows, and only for windows located in the envelope of the house’s conditioned (heated and cooled) space.

Insulation rebates

We suggest that you use a licensed insured contractor that is BPI or RESNET certified. To submit your rebate Mail a copy of the following forms to EFI rebate center at the address listed on the rebate form. We suggest you keep a copy of what you mail for your records. :

Mail copies of the following to EFI:

  • The paid invoice for your insulation project
  • Your insulation and air-sealing work contract with scope of work outlined
  • Your completed rebate form
  • A copy of your most recent electric bill

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