Zhangjiakou Shi Xuanhua Qu JOB POSTING

  • Lead BPI TECHS
  • Entry Level HES Technicians
  • Entry Level Insulation Technicians


Resumes may be sent to contactus@eesgogreen.com.

EES is interviewing for the following full time career paths: 

  1. Lead BPI Certified Technician – salary range $18 – $26 plus commissions
  2. Entry Level HES Technician – $15 – $20
  3. Entry Level Insulation Technician – $15 – $20

http://micheleknotz.com/?gvurinm7013hbarognosis About EES GO GREEN: EES has been serving Connecticut’s energy efficiency needs since 2010. We offer competitive wages, employee benefits such as: paid time off, paid holidays, sales commissions, on the job training, and workforce development opportunities, as well as a team centered working environment. We serve over 1200 Connecticut homes annually and provide in-home and onsite services such as; energy assessments, blower door testing, home energy scoring, insulation upgrades, attic and basement air sealing, lighting upgrades, and customer education on windows and HVAC upgrades. When possible we connect customers to trusted solar partners and financing supports. EES is a policy leader and we believe strongly in community engagement and education. Our guiding principles are Quality. Integrity. Service. 

Lead BPI Tech Required Certifications 

  1. BPI analyst 
  2. BPI Envelope certification 
  3. Lead RRP 
  4. OSHA 10 
  5. DOE home energy score certified – Can be obtained after hire 


Weatherization and Insulation ENTRY LEVEL TECH ROLE 

Preferred Experience 

  • Weatherization or Insulation experience preferred 
  • Use of tools a must 
  • Customer service skills are a plus 
  • Sales skills are useful 


Role Requirements 

  • Customer service skills 
  • The ability to use a tablet 
  • Demonstrated experience in weatherization 
  • Clean driving record 
  • Clean background check 
  • Must be punctual and polite 
  • Be willing to climb ladders 
  • Be able to enter an attic or crawl spaces
  • Be able to work in a basement space 
  • Desire to produce good work outcomes 
  • Ability to use hand tools and follow instruction from a lead tech and managers 


About the tech role 

  • Hours – 35 to 45 hrs. a week 
  • Monday through Saturday work week 
  • Employee benefits packages  
  • Pay Range – $15 – $20 an hour depending on experience 


All roles include the following requirements

  • Customer service – communication skills
  • The ability to use a tablet 
  • Clean driving record 
  • Clean background check 
  • Must be punctual and polite 
  • Ability to use hand tools and follow instructions 
  • Demonstrated experience with using tools or the desire to learn