Why is it important to weatherize your home?

where to buy Pregabalin online common-air-house-leaksFile:Energy Star logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons[T]he majority of homes throughout the United States are leaky. Air leaks around windows and doors, through the recessed lights, plumbing and electrical penetrations, and the attic access are the major cause for high energy bills.

door_blower_4There are many areas in today’s homes that allow air to infiltrate or escape. Not only does this lead to energy loss, but can introduce unwanted dust, pollen, and contaminants into your home, reducing your indoor air quality and comfort. By conducting a blower door test, we can find the areas of air leakage in your home and determine the best way to fix the problem.

Illingen Not All Energy Assessments are Equal

Like most products and services available for consumers, not all home energy assessments are created equal. Some energy assessments are incomplete, focusing only on obvious and simple areas of home energy efficiency such as air sealing and lighting.

To have a truly efficient home coupled with permanent energy savings, you must take a whole-house approach to energy efficiency. That is exactly what an EES energy assessment does.

EES is a Connecticut certified vendor with CLP and UI. Because we are a certified vendor, we can offer valuable rebates for improvements such as new windows, insulation, heating and cooling (HVAC) systems, solar and more.

EES will provide on the spot improvements for only a copay and the Energy Efficiency Fund will pay for the rest of the work. Does it seem too good to be true? This program is possible because as a utility customer, you already contribute to the Energy Efficiency Fund.